Market Research

Hartley Marketing conducts updated market research on a continuous basis. We provide a thorough analysis for a predetermined time frame, giving you insight into statistical figures and recommendations on strategic planning, implementation costs and projected results.  Strong emphasis on target marketing through strategically developed guidelines is a priority,  thus avoiding unnecessary costs and uncertain results.


Hartley Marketing has developed sales services through travel agents, operators, planners, and airlines.  We take into consideration the specific requirements and the needs of every client to ensure success and increased productivity.  We affirm that personalized sales calls, regional seminars, client presentations and ongoing account maintenance are essential to maximize sales potential.

Training & Education

Our goal is to provide  training programs and  product knowledge for those responsible for the implementation of every strategy, so that all predetermined objectives may be guaranteed and achieved.

Trade Shows

We believe that participation in national, regional, local trade and consumer shows is vital for image development and support in every market segment.

Familiarization Trips & Press Tour Participants

We develop, organize and supervise programs to maximize promotion results and training for each familiarization trip and press tour participant. We do this by keeping in mind those regions and products which need to be promoted or recognized. By keeping economic and all other related costs in mind, we carefully select our guests so that only those  qualified ones may participate. These activities allow us to advertise the products effortlessly and  intensify relationships with the participants motivating the ones in the familiarization trip or press tour to amplify their efforts. All necessary follow up is completed upon return, to determine results, feedback and market trends


Our promotional strategies are intended to introduce, grow and preserve the image of the client, keeping in line with the current needs of each market segment. Hartley Marketing maintains an updated database, supported by wholesalers, tour operators,  incentive planners, travel agencies, trade media and press, which enables us to design powerful and effective communication.

Public Relations

Hartley Marketing provides a full service public relations department. Our team looks at the client’s needs from a fresh objective and implements programs with compelling messaging that captures the client`s desires and personal mandate.

Press Releases

Press releases are an essential element of any public relations strategy.  They are the institutional symbols of the company, and appropriate language, concise information and consistency are essential when composing them .  Whether it be a detailed product release, event announcement, television note or newsworthy milestone, we’ll devise an effective concept to heighten your business presence in the media.  We provide brand support and highly customized promotional strategies for  the products and offers that need the most attention. Press releases are sent out in due time and form, depending on the information and direction provided by the client. We believe in personalized follow up of the information that is released to ensure all planned schedules are met. Our company highlights the specific calculation of the promotional values created by press coverage in our monthly reports.

Management Advising

Our team executes detailed research that analyzes all sales, marketing and public relations activities to ensure that the clients objectives and goals are being met with success. We believe that it is essential to be in touch with competitively advertised or promoted products and services. To achieve this, we compile monthly reports that include competitive information that may, directly or indirectly, compete with our client. We have established alliances and referral relationships with companies that offer additional services such as printing, photography, web design and other related services.